Limited Edition prints

The Martyn Turner limited editions

The Martyn Turner limited editions are digital reproductions of his unique hand drawn original one-off cartoons produced for the Irish Times newspaper and are the only reproductions of these cartoons available. The editions are Archival Pigment Prints produced by expert print makers Exhibit A Studios. Exhibit A use specialist archival inks and papers to produce prints to museum and exhibition standard and is a certified Hahnemuehle studio. Lab tests have shown that prints made in this way will last at least 100 years or more under normal light conditions.

Authenticity and verification

Each print in the edition is hand signed and numbered by the artist, Martyn Turner. The printmaker, Exhibit A Studios, has exclusive use of the Martyn Turner/Irish Times blind stamp. Together with the Artist's signature, this verifies the authenticity of each print which ensures its value into the future.

Packing & Shipping

Each print is flatpacked and shipped in corriboard for maximum protection. This serves also as an excellent way to store your print longterm as all materials used are acid free. Please note, the cost of packing and shipping is included in the quoted price.

What is a limited edition?

A limited edition is a set of prints that are made to a limited number - no more than this number are ever made again. The concept of a 'limited edition' comes from etching or photogravure - where a metal plate is made in order to reproduce a print a number of times. Over time, after a number of prints are made, the 'etch' wears down and the print quality becomes poorer. Traditionally, the etcher would stop the edition at this point. Even though a print might still be technically possible, the etcher would score the plate with mark or an 'X', so that it cannot be used again. Sometimes an edition is made as a reproduction of a unique original piece but equally, the limited edition can be uniquely the edition itself without having an original source.